INFOGRAPHIC: Your College Major Determines Your Earning Potential

“What’s your major?” “Have you declared a major?” “Why haven’t you declared a major?” “You cannot enroll for another semester until you declare a major.”
Any of this sound familiar? If it does, then I know just how you feel. I could never decide which educational path I wanted to take in college. I felt so much pressure, I felt that the major I chose would determine my career. What if I hated it but it was too late to back out? I tried everything and really liked a lot of what I learned. I found holes in what I thought I wanted to do and I was surprised by the classes I thought I’d hate. However, nothing really jumped out at me and said, “This is my major.”
Maybe if I had seen the new infographic produced by Rasmussen College I might have ended up with something other than “General Studies” on my diploma. The chart shows incoming students which degrees are getting higher paying jobs, which are the top paying industries, the top hiring industries, and how college grads are getting hired in today’s market.

If I were a student today and my focus was ensure I’d have a job after graduation, I’d go with educational services, which the infographic shows as the top hiring industry right now. However, if I was all about making as much money as I could, utilities is the highest paying industry. Overall though, it shows that those with an engineering degree are the highest paid.
The chart is really interesting and breaks down the data very easily. Take a look and see if it might change your mind this semester. Maybe it’ll force a change or if you’re anything like I was, help you finally make a decision.
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