InstaEDU Connects Skilled College Tutors with Struggling Students

Every student experiences some academic stress in college. Whether it be proofs in Calculus or memorizing key dates in Western Civ, schoolwork has a way of stressing students out and can turn the sharpest of brains into gelatin. Once you compound all of that homework with a job, extracurricular activities, and a social life, you are at risk of jeopardizing your good academic standing.

InstaEDU is an invaluable tutoring resource for struggling college students. While most universities have various tutoring programs, keeping track of the available office hours and hiking up to campus can be a headache. InstaEDU offers you reliable online tutoring built to fit your busy life. With just a computer and an Internet connection, InstaEDU will connect you with current students and graduates of institutions like Harvard, MIT, and Stanford. Prospective pupils have the opportunity to chat online with different tutors so they can find the right fit.
InstaEDU employs more than 2,000 expert tutors in the subjects of math, science, finance, foreign language, English and social studies. Tutors are also able to help with SAT or ACT preparation. InstaEDU accounts can be managed by students or parents, and session fees start at $24 an hour, or 40¢ a minute.
Launched in May of 2012, InstaEDU was a hit with students, even though they weren’t always able to secure the same tutor for future sessions. After receiving feedback, InstaEDU began to allow students to schedule sessions with tutors they had success and chemistry with.
Touted by TechCrunch as “…the future of online education…,” this relatively young online tutoring program is winning parents oer and influencing students (and their better grades).
Ditch the late night campus hikes and crowded study labs, get answers fast and comfortably with an InstaEDU account.
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