Integrating Artificial Intelligence in Education

Decades ago, technology had a very little influence in education. Gradually, computers were introduced into the classroom and later on, students started using smartphones and tablets that comes with apps developed for educational purposes. Applying wearables like smartwatches, virtual reality headgears
and smart glasses in learning is no longer a new thing. Most students use these tools due to the fact that they make the learning process more engaging and immersive.
Game-based learning is a tool that can be used to teach students right from the kindergarten. Researchers and developers all over the world are busy discovering and inventing new ways that technology could help simplify our day-to- day life. Artificial intelligence has already gained foothold in medicine, transportation, it is also used in camera sensors and likewise in the automobile industry. It is not well integrated into education like other fields yet. Technology is shaping how we interact with the world and more importantly, how we learn.
Current applications 
Just last year, Facebook revealed plans of creating a free personalized learning software. Two years ago, Classroom was launched by Google which teachers can use for posting class announcements, delegating tasks to students and collating and grading their assignments. Grading essay of large number of students is a daunting task and time consuming. With the emergence of software that are based on artificial intelligence, tutors now find it easier to automatically grade students. This in turn creates ample room for engaging in other activities.
Furthermore, artificial intelligence supports individualized learning. Based on the needs of students, adaptive learning programs, software and games can be optimized. It also enables students to learn at their own pace as each student have different rates of assimilation. Students with disabilities can also benefit immensely. During the course of learning, tutors can offer support and help when required. Managing and analyzing large amount of data is one of the challenges encountered by higher institution. The rate at which data increase is rapid and could get out of hand if not properly managed.
Artificial intelligence is already assisting students in choosing the best courses and how they can enjoy college experience to the fullest once they are admitted. There are few places where quality and Affordable essay writing service for students are offered.
Recently, some software can correctly highlight problem areas of students and provide related content or solution promptly. Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS) make use of various learning algorithms for supporting learning without a tutor and they are already in existence for a while now.
Future trends
Artificial intelligence presents endless possibilities. Smartwatches were previously science fiction and they are now today’s realities. With the way things are going, a time is coming when robots will tutor students in the classroom. Even though they won’t be able to replace humans completely, they can teach students the basics of a particular course.
As time goes on, artificial intelligence will be able to simulate a real classroom where students can learn from anywhere in the world at any time.