Is Fast-Food Better than School Lunches?

Imagine sitting down at a table and having to choose between a brown paper bag full of hamburgers and chicken sandwiches from a local fast food joint or a school cafeteria tray loaded up with lasagna and mashed potatoes.
Which one would you think is healthier and meets the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s standards for a healthy school lunch?
Surprisingly, it is the fast-food.
A new report states that “standards for meat sent to schools exceed minimum standards for meat sold at supermarkets, but fast-food restaurants have raised the bar when it comes to quality control.”
The report also says that restaurants such as McDonald’s and KFC test meat products for dangerous pathogens much more often than the USDA, which provides the meat products that school cafeterias serve to more than 31 million school children every day.
When I was in elementary school, it was slightly frowned upon when parents brought their children a Happy Meal for lunch instead of having their child buy a school lunch from the cafeteria. Looking back on it now, I should have bugged my parents more often to send me off with chicken nuggets and French fries more often, for health reasons, of course.
Via USA Today