Is Sarah Palin the Best Vice Presidential Candidate?

A friend recently read an article to me that McCain stated “Palin is the next Clinton or Reagan”. But after seeing multiple interviews and listening to her speak, her lack of knowledge seems to say otherwise to me. I don’t think comparing her to Clinton or Reagan before given the chance to prove herself is a smart thing to do, before she has the opportunities to perform tasks as a Vice President. She may seem fit for the position now, but once someone is placed in a new situation, they may change completely and not be able to handle what they are placed in the position to do.

Although placing judgment early on may be a bad thing, comparing Sarah Palin to some of the most well-known and most successful presidents of the United States is something that shouldn’t be done before she is even placed in office.
Quite personally, her lack of knowledge when it comes to current politics scares me. The fact that she questions some of Bush’s policies (by questioning, I mean asking what they are) makes me uneasy, giving me the feeling she knows little of what is going on. Although I may feel this way, I admire her for what she is doing and how she is sticking to her personal beliefs, not letting those who badger her and try to make her look bad pull her down.
So what are your takes on Palin as VP? Do you think she has what it takes?