iTunes U Supports Mobile Students

Students today want to be connected at all times. We want to be able to check our class syllabus, look up our homework, and communicate with our professors whenever we want. But we don’t really want to carry around textbooks and laptops and all other sorts of things. It would be so much easier to just carry a little hand-held device. Welcome to iTunes U.
iTunes U is the newest mobile learning application from Apple. Students can use iTunes U on their iPhone or iPod Touch. iTunes U allows professors to distribute digital lesson plans to their students, anytime and anywhere. Professors can set up presentations, lessons, and homework through iTunes U. Students benefit from this because they can study for their next test while waiting on the bus or eating lunch in the cafeteria; basically, whenever and wherever is the most convenient for them! Instead of hiking across campus to a computer lab or the library, students can whip out their iPhone or iPod Touch, connect to the Internet, and start studying.
In addition to lessons planned by the professor, iTunes U also has hundreds of thousands of educational audio and video files available for students. Files range from foreign language vocabulary pronunciation guides to mathematical equations and examples. Where does this mecca of information come from? All of the files are developed from leading universities like Duke and Yale, PBS programs, and famous museums. The best part? It’s completely free!
Check out Apple’s Website for more info and instructions on how to download iTunes U. Good luck studying!