Ivy League Graduates Earning Higher Salaries

Wall Street Journal has published an article describing a recent survey from PayScale Inc. The results of their year-long study to learn which bachelor’s graduates earn more has concluded that those with an Ivy League background are receiving higher pay from their employers.
The survey only included those with bachelor’s degrees, about 1.2 million survey subjects. They had worked for at least 10 years and attended more than 300 colleges and universities in the U.S.- state schools through Ivy Leagues.
The study shows that the major you study in college has less of an impact on salary than the name at the top of your degree.
Dartmouth College graduates appear to be earning more than any others with the high median salary of $134,000 per year. Amongst Ivy League schools, Columbia has the lowest salary with $107,000 per year.
If you’re driven by income, it might be worth giving as much consideration to where you attend college as you do what you’ll study.