Jay-Z and Warren Buffett Team Up to Teach Students Valuable Lessons

What do Warren Buffett and Jay-Z have in common? At first glance, the answer might be a big fat nothing. But thanks to a new agreement between the two, that is going to soon change.
The two men have teamed up to teach kids important lessons about financial literacy through an animated series called Secret Millionaires Club. Since both men are very wealthy – Jay-Z is worth $450 million while Buffett is worth $39 billion – it makes sense that they could share some of their knowledge with a younger generation about how to handle their finances.
The first episode is set to air on October 23, 2011. During this episode, an animated Jay-Z will invite a group of students into his office, where he then congratulations them on their hard work in school and offers them advice on how to stay successful later in life. The creators of the program hope that Jay-Z will lure the kids into watching the show and that the students will then take these valuable lessons with them long after the turn the television off.
In addition to the television show, there will be a program called Learn and Earn. Learn and Earn is an initiative that will teach students a series of lessons on how to become financially literate. The program is giving more than 100,000 kits to teachers to use with their students, while also creating an extensive collection of downloadable materials that will be available online.
There is yet another aspect to this new program, the Grow Your Own Business Challenge. This is an online competition which was created to encourage students to develop entrepreneurial skills and dreams. Who knows, maybe some of the kids who participate in the challenge will end up as wealthy as Jay-Z or Buffett?
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