Jeopardy Winner to Use Prize Money for Student Loans

A Boston University student defeated her two opponents, one student from Yale University and another from Southern Adventist University, in the “Jeopardy! College Championship,” which aired last Saturday.
This is the first time a BU student has won the college championship, and Erin McLean, a sophomore, couldn’t be more elated. “I couldn’t even believe it,” she said in an interview.
Her victory got her a trophy, which she proudly displays on her desk and a $100,000 cash prize. She plans to use the cash to pay off her student loans. “I’ll be able to graduate debt free from BU, which is pretty amazing,” McLean said.

Though her trophy may have little monetary value, it is nonetheless a prized possession for McLean. “I told my friends, ‘I want that trophy, I want that trophy, I want that trophy,’ ” she said.
While this triumph over other trivia junkies proved to be one of McLean’s most exciting moments, she said finding out that she was accepted as a contestant on the show also made her want to jump for joy.
In mid-September, she was at a sandwich shop when informed of her acceptance, and she tried to keep her composure as she was told the good news. “I was trying not to be too obnoxious,” she said. “I still had to pay for my food with my dignity intact.”
From getting on to “Jeopardy!” to beating out fellow know-it-all college peers, she has had a triumphant past few months. She plans to further celebrate her victory by going on a spring break trip with her friends and using the remainder of her winnings to buy a new laptop.