Jeremy Lin Invited to William and Mary Senior Formal via YouTube

Ahh young love. It’s fantastic, isn’t it? You get butterflies in your stomach whenever you see them, your heart pitter-patters, and you might feel weak in your knees. OK, so those symptoms also sound like a really bad illness, but when it’s love, it’s great. Trust me on this one.
But what do you do when the object of your affection is one of the popular kids? Someone who you normally don’t stand a chance of getting? Or even worse, what if your special someone is celebrity basketball player Jeremy Lin?
Lina Yeh, a senior at the College of William and Mary in Virginia found herself in this position. Her senior formal dance was quickly approaching, and all Yeh wanted was to go to the dance with the famous basketball player. Obviously, the odds of Lin showing up on Yeh’s doorstep on the night of the dance were a little slim, so Yeh decided to take matters into her own hands.
Yeh made a hilarious video to convince the basketball star to go with her to the dance. What qualifications does Yeh mention that should convince Lin to go with her? According to the video, Williamsburg is a great party city, she’s a fantastic student, and she’s “kind of a baller,” as in basketball. Sadly, none of these claims are proven to be true in the video, but it really is pretty funny.
Check it out for yourself and then decide if you think Lin should accept Yeh’s invitation to her senior formal.

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