Jerry O'Connell Enrolls in Law School

Actor, husband and father of twin girls, Jerry O’Connell, 35, recently enrolled in law school at Los Angeles’ Southwestern Law School.
Even though he began his acting career at a very young age (think the chunky kid Vern in the 1986 hit “Stand By Me”) and continuing on with television shows and more movies, O’Connell has always dreamed of heading back to school. And while his wife, Rebecca Romijn, is busy at work on the series “Eastwick” during the day, he is busy, very busy, taking care of their twin girls, Dolly and Charlie. So when she comes home in the evening, he heads out the door with his backpack and books in hand for night classes.
Talk about a true Renaissance dad!
“It was either that or play video games until 2 a.m,” joked O’Connell to Us Magazine.
O’Connell was an undergraduate student at New York University in the 1990s as a film major, but dropped out before he graduated.
He is eager and enthusiastic to get back to his studies and plans to pursue his law degree as a part-time student.