Jim McKay's Education Background

Jim McKay was an American television sports journalist. He is best known for the 37 years that he hosted ABC’s Wide World of Sports and for his coverage of the Munich massacre during the 1972 Summer Olympics. EDUinReview will now take a look at the education background of this influential reporter.
McKay was born in Philadelphia, Pennyslvania. When he was 14-years old, his family decided to move to Baltimore. He attended Loyola Blakefield High School. After high school, he attended Loyola College, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in 1943.
After serving in the Navy during World War II, McKay start his career as a television report in 1947. He was the first man to be heard on television in Baltimore. In 1950, he moved to New York to work for CBS. He then changed employers and went to work fro ABC, where he hosted Wide World of Sports.

During the 1972 Olympics, he covered the Munich massacre, when members of the Israeli Olympic team were murdered by a terrorist group. During this event, he was on-air for 14 hours straight.
In 2003, HBO ran a special based on McKay’s life. This special discussed candid information about his career, personal life, and his family. McKay died on June 7, 2008 when he was 86-years old, leaving behind his wife and two children.