Joe Paterno's Milestone Highlights Week 10 of College Football

Penn State Coach Joe Paterno
Some big games in the Big-10 stole the spotlight in college football this past weekend. For games involving the national championship picture, check the “BCS Reactions” post.
1. A Living Legend— There’s really nothing new that can be said about Penn State’s Joe Paterno, but that’s because he’s done the same thing for over 40 years: Win football games in a classy manner. No matter who you root for, you have to love it when a great man like Paterno reaches an accomplishment like 400 wins. With the Nittany Lions down 21-0 at home to Northwestern in the 2nd quarter, it looked like the milestone victory would have to wait a week, but Penn State reeled of 35 straight points to make Paterno the only coach in D-IA football history with 400 career wins.
2. Defense Optional— The news in Ann Arbor is that the defense finally stepped up for the Michigan Wolverines. Which is sort of absurd to think about. Sure, they stopped an Illinois two-point conversion in the third overtime to become bowl eligible. But if “stepping up” is defined as allowing 65 points and 562 yards at home to Illinois, I shudder to think what a bad game would be. Still, the 67-65 win was easily the most entertaining game of the season
3. No Boost in the SEC— Arkansas’ 41-20 demolition of South Carolina may seem meaningless in the big picture, but the Gamecocks’ loss means the SEC East winner will have at least three losses, and could very well have four. This means Auburn, the likely winner of the SEC West, wouldn’t get the conference’s usual massive boost for winning the SEC Title Game. Which means a loss to Alabama in the Iron Bowl will…
Let’s save that for the BCS post.