Jordan Spieth: Is this Master Winner the Holder of a Master's Degree?

A well-known professional golfer, Jordan Spieth is the second-youngest champion in Masters history. He’s also one of the few people in the world to win the US Junior Amateur championship more than once, and the first man since 1922 to win two majors before his 22nd birthday. In addition to his championships, Spieth won the 2013 Rookie of the Year award and has been described as “all that is exemplary in sport”. Besides working on his unorthodox golf swing, he also donates time and money to his charitable foundation to help junior golf, special needs, and veteran’s programs. Long before he picked ups his clubs, however, Jordan was just the first of three children born to Mary Christine and Shawn Spieth.
Jordan Spieth was brought into the world, more specifically, Dallas, on July 27th of 1993. Considering both of his parents were star college athletes, one in baseball and one in basketball, his love of sports should come as no surprise. Before settling on golf as his sport of time, Jordan spent plenty of time playing soccer, football, and basketball. To give their son access to the best in golfing facilities, his parents joined the Brookhaven Country Club. In less than four years, he caught the eyes of former pro golfer Cameron McCormick. Over time, the pair developed a coaching relationship that went far beyond the confines of that country club. During this time, Jordan attended St. Monica’s Catholic School. Founded in 1955, this religion-centered school teaches students in kindergarten to eighth.
From there, he moved to Jesuit College Preparatory School, a young men’s high-school home to approximately 1,100 students, and established himself as a true golf prodigy. While there, Jordan won his first major golf award: the US Junior Amateur Championship. In late 2011, Jordan graduated from Jesuit. In late 2011, Spieth applied, and was accepted to, the University of Texas in that same year. After just 1.5 years in college, he dropped out to pursue a career in professional golf. At this point, Jordan Spieth has expressed no interest in completing his education.