Kaplan Test Prep $300 Coupon for SAT, ACT and PSAT Courses

Any high school student considering college needs to make sure that scoring well on college entrance exams is at the top of their priority list. These exams are one of the first steps to consider when preparing for college during high school. The SAT and the ACT are the two entrance exams that schools request scores for; depending on where you apply, one or both may be required. (Although more than 800 schools are eliminating SAT scores.)
If you’re ready to get a good SAT score, then consider Kaplan. This is the go-to resource for college exam preparation. They’ll provide students with all the information and guidance necessary to not only get through test day, but score well.
Through July 31, 2009, when you enroll in a Kaplan comprehensive course for PSAT, SAT or ACT, you’ll receive a $300 discount.

There are three options available for the SAT/ACT/PSAT Kaplan test prep:

  • Premier Tutoring: Receive one-on-one expert tutoring on your schedule and conveniently in your home.
  • Small Group Tutoring: You’ll receive both expert tutoring while engaging with peers in a small group environment. This is also available online.
  • Classroom Course: Expert instructors will give students the tools necessary to raise their scores while in an interactive setting with personalized attention.

This offer applies only to enrollment in PSAT/SAT, PSAT/ACT, SAT or ACT Premier Tutoring, SAT or ACT Small Group Tutoring, and PSAT/SAT, PSAT/ACT, SAT, or ACT Classroom Courses at regular retail price.
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