Keeping the Peace with Parents Before College

While counting down the days until college, living under their roof can become super-stressful for both you and your parents. You may be nervous (normal) or ripe-and-ready to spread your wings, or maybe a bit of both. Meanwhile, your parents are equally nervous with the overwhelming urge to rein you in. It’s a touchy place, and bickering can turn this bittersweet time into just plain bitter. Plus, a rocky relationship with the ‘rents can make your transition to school, and school breaks thereafter, really freakin’ miserable.
To avoid turning your childhood home into a war zone, try these five ways to tame the tension and keep the peace:

  • Respect their rules – promise to follow them and follow through
  • Negotiate if needed – prove your older and more mature and can handle a later curfew at the very least
  • Lend a hand – pick up some extra responsibility around the house
  • Make suppertime civil – before long, you’re really going to miss this evening ritual of family fun
  • Giving up the grudge – make sure all the rough patches are smoothed before leaving home

Read on to get more advice on how to have a positive student-parent relationship.