Keeping Your Head Above All The Exams

Whether its college or high school finals, IB Testing, AP Testing, or any other testing that is held during the tail end of school, the beginning of May signifies a long month for me and a number of other students. For me specifically, its IB testing.
IB testing encompasses the entire month of May with tests starting next Monday, the fourth, and lasting through May 22. Of course, just my luck, I have tests on the opening day all through May until the 22nd. I will be taking Psychology HL, Physics HL, English HL, Calculus SL, and Spanish SL. Throw in the AP Calculus test and I’m sure you can see I have quite the busy month ahead of me!
But keeping on top of everything will be the key to my success. By studying enough, getting enough sleep, and going into the tests with a positive mindset, I’m sure I will be able to earn my diploma. While there are a few tests I’m a little more worried about than others, I feel with enough preparation I will be fine. Like any other student with a crazy May schedule, you cannot let the stress and craziness get the best of you because if you allow this to happen, it will be reflected on your exams. So keep stress levels down by studying, sleeping, eating healthy, exercising if you get the chance, and taking it one test at a time!