Logo Helps Students Avoid Procrastination

Final exams are taking over the lives of students across the nation. Many students are spending the majority of their waking hours in the school library, studying. Or are they?
Come on, just admit it: half of your online “study time” is actually spent on Facebook or YouTube. It’s not that you plan to waste hours creeping on old friends’ pictures or watching the latest viral video, but those sneaky websites just pull you in, and before you know it, you haven’t done any studying but you have learned way too much about Taylor Lautner’s love life.
For all of you procrastinators and Facebook addicts, there is a cure! is the answer to your prayers (or your worst nightmare, depending how you look at it). helps you stay off these addicting websites by creating an alternative link for you to use to access the website. If you click on the link more often than you should during your set amount of time, you will get a message telling you that you have to wait.

For example, if you tell to only let you check Facebook three times each hour, it will let you onto the website three times. However, on your fourth time, you will get a notification that instructs you to wait the remaining 52 minutes before your hour is up. (I admit it, I check Facebook at least three times every eight minutes…especially during finals week.)
You can use for any website you want. The way that the website works is that it creates an alias link for your favorite websites. When you use this alias, your visits to the website are monitored and restricted, if necessary. It’s the perfect tool for a procrastinator with little self-control. Trust me, I know: it worked perfectly last night when I was writing my 10-page paper that was due this morning!
So to all my fellow finals-suffers, do yourself a favor: remove the extra temptations to avoid your studies, and use Hey, look on the bright side, there’s only a few weeks of self-restraint and time management left before winter break!
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