Kevin Durant's Educational Background: How Educated is He?

A winner of the NBA’s MVP award, four NBA scoring titles, and two Olympic gold medals, Kevin Durant currently plays small forward for the Golden State Warriors. Before he joined Oakland’s basketball team in 2016, Durant played nine seasons with the Oklahoma City Thunder. His life isn’t all basketball, however. The 6’9’’ player describes himself as a “high school kid” at heart and enjoys nothing more than kicking back with a video game. In addition to being an amateur gamer, Durant’s an entrepreneur. He owns several properties in Oklahoma City and runs his own restaurant in the Bricktown neighborhood. Possessing a heart big enough to match his frame, Durant’s known for dedicating his time to philanthropic causes. However, long before he picked up a basketball or broke ground on his restaurant, he was a kid growing up in the suburbs of Washington.
Kevin Durant was born to two government workers, Wayne and Wanda Pratt, on September 29th of 1988. His father’s departure before his son’s first birthday left Kevin, and his three siblings, to be raised by his mother and grandmother, Barbara. Interestingly enough, when he was younger, Durant always felt self-conscious about his height. It was his grandmother that helped him see that towering above other students was nothing to be ashamed of and encouraged him to make use of it. During the time Durant struggled with his height, he spent hours at the local Boys and Girls Club. His time there helped him discover a passion, and innate ability, for basketball. At the age of 11, he led his AAU team, the Jaguars, to a national championship. From that moment on, Durant decided to play for the NBA. Before transferring to basketball factory Oak Hill Academy as a junior, Kevin played as a freshman and sophomore at Montrose Christian.

Postgraduation, he joined the other Longhorns at the University of Texas. During his semesters there, Durant continued to set records on the court and even became the first freshman to earn the Naismith College Player of the Year. An article from the NY Times quotes Durant as saying the following about earning his degree: “To walk across the stage will be just as important as being drafted,. Maybe even more important because that lasts an entire lifetime.” Durant later earned a bachelor’s in education with a minor in social work.