Kimi Raikkonen's Education Background

Kimi-Matias Räikkönen was born on October 17, 1979 in Espoo, Finland. The Finnish race car driver began his career very young. In kart racing, Räikkönen started having success at the early age of ten. He began racing outside of Finland when he was only 15.
Räikkönen brought in many championships and titles during his young kart racing career. In 1998 he was 1st in the Nordic Championships and in 1999 he placed second in the European Formula Super A Championship. By the age of twenty, Räikkönen had won the British Formula Renault winter series. In 2000, Räikkönen won seven out of ten events in the Formal Renault UK Championship.
Räikkönen began with a Formula One team in September 2000. Räikkönen spent nine seasons racing in Formula One. In 2007 he took the Formula One World Driver’s Championship.
Currently Räikkönen competes in the World Rally Championships for the ICE 1 Racing team.
Räikkönen’s career has been filled with multiple successes. Räikkönen is known for being very calm behind the wheel and in his everyday life. This trait has earn him the popular nickname, “Iceman.” “Iceman” is tattooed on Räikkönen’s arm and printed on his race car and helmet.
In 2007 he became the highest paid driver in motor sports with an estimated wage of $51 million per year. As of 2008, Räikkönen is listed as the 26th highest paid celebrity overall and fifth highest paid sportsman behind Tiger Woods, David Beckham, Michael Jordan, and Phil Mickelson. In 2009, Räikkönen was listed as the equal second highest paid athlete in the world, behind Tiger Woods.
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