Kindle Like Dual-Screen Reader Aimed at Education Market

Reports of the, up until now, stealth company KaKai are surfacing of a “kindle like” device aimed solely at the education market. Osman Rashid, who also owns Chegg, a textbook rental company, is said to demo the dual-screen education tablet in the upcoming months.

According to Kara Swisher at, “BoomTown has found out exactly what [Osman & Kakai] are up to via reports of a concept video the company has shown potential investors and interviews with several sources close to the situation. In simplest terms, it’s essentially a Kindle for students.”

Little is known about the device and service, outside of the following limited facts:

  • Navigation and core functions will be a gesture-based
  • Designed with portability in mind, will feel like a mix between notepad and book
  • Foldable dual screen
  • Will be paired with a custom software suite and interlinked website.

It is reasonable to expect the device will have access to the Chegg’s vast library of educational material. The current homepage shown in the image above, and is light on information. In fact, all that is shown is a play on the different meanings of its name: a singer-comedienne in the Philippines, the third Pharaoh of Egypt during the Fifth dynasty, and an Austrian pumpkin.
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