Late Classes Mean More Parties and Bad Grades

You may get more sleep when your classes don’t start until noon, however, a recent study shows that you’re more likely to drink a lot and receive poor grades as well.
Two St. Lawrence University professors surveyed 253 students and found that “night owls” party more and study less than their “early bird” counterparts.
“Later class start times predicted more drinking, more sleep time and modestly lower grades, overall,” said Pamela Thacher, co-lead author of the study.
Thacher, who’s also an associate professor in the Department of Psychology at St. Lawrence noted: “Later class start times seemed to change the choices students make: They sleep longer, and they drink more,” she said.
The one noticeable benefit to late classes is more sleep, but students aren’t getting quality sleep. Research shows that booze interferes with our deep sleep, so heavy drinkers feel tired most of the time, which could explain those not-so-hot grades.

“The effects of later class start times might include more sleep,” she said. “But this might be offset by lower quality sleep, which in turn might affect their ability to engage, intellectually, with their coursework.”
Not to be rude, but did we even need a study for this? Students intentionally schedule their classes late in the day so they have more time to party and sleep. As we know, if you spend every night drinking, you don’t have much time to focus on academics, which in turn leads to a lower GPA. By no means am I a psychologist, but it’s no coincidence that late risers get bad grades.
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