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I have always wanted to learn how to arrange flowers. I know, it’s kind of a strange thing to want to learn, but it is something that just really appeals to me. Maybe there’s something random that also appeals to you. Something like learning how to use Photoshop, or how to speak in public, or even how to make fancy chocolates. Now, you can learn about just about anything, thanks to
Skillshare allows professionals and experts in your community to advertise the classes they would like to teach. Other people in the community will then see these upcoming classes and can sign up to learn. Classes run the gamete from how to organize your office space to how to ask for a raise and how to bake the perfect dessert. The possibilities of classes are endless because SkillShare depends on creative individuals in each community to create the classes.

Skillshare was started in NYC by Michael Karnjanaprakorn and Malcom Ong on November 19, 2010. The two men wanted to create a community marketplace where people could “learn anything from anyone.” All of the classes take place offline, but the website gives the community members a place to meet with each other and advertise their classes.
Currently, most of the classes that are offered through Skillshare are located in New York City. However, there are classes in other cities, and as the website gains popularity, there are sure to be more and more classes in more and more locations. If you do not see classes offered in your city, the best way to get the ball rolling is by offering a class of your own. Unlike traditional education courses, you do not have to have a Ph.D. to teach a class that is offered on Skillshare. If your rapping skills put Jay-Z to shame, offer an Intro to Rap class. Or if you are a black belt, then offer a martial arts for beginners class. The only limitation to what you can teach is your own imagination. So, start thinking about what you want to teach. Or sign up for a class and learn from someone else. Either way, you are sure to have a good time because you will be taking/teaching classes about something you actually enjoy.