Learn Chinese with ChinesePod

So you want to learn to speak Chinese, huh? Well, you could pack up your bags, hop on a plane, and move to China for a while to immerse yourself in the language, or, you could just study with ChinesePod.
ChinesePod is one of the newest ways to learn Chinese. ChinesePod combines podcasts and website lessons to help you become familiar with the Chinese language and then become comfortable speaking it. ChinesePod is composed of audio lessons, study tools, and live teachers who can offer assistance and advise.
ChinesePod has more than 1,500 audio lessons that cover every subject you could possibly imagine. Whether you need a taxi to the airport, directions to the best restaurant, or need to know how to hold a business meeting, ChinesePod has you covered. There are also written transcripts of each lesson so that you can read along as you listen.
The study tools include flashcards, vocabulary practice, and quizzes to see how well you are comprehending each exercise. These tools make it easy for you to really enforce each new lesson and get it into your long term memory.

ChinesePod also allows you to practice spoken Chinese with teachers via Skype or cell phone calls. This allows you to put everything you have learned into a real-life conversation, which is invaluable if you really want to learn a language.
ChinesePad can be used on iPhones, Android phones, iPads, Smart Phones, MP3 players, computers, and televisions. This makes ChinesePod very accessible and convenient.
ChinesePod is currently offering free trials on all of their subscription plans:

  • The Basic Subscription includes only the audio lessons and transcripts and costs $14 each month.
  • The Premium Subscription includes the audio lessons, transcripts, study tools, and ability to talk to a teacher, for only $29 each month.
  • The Praxis Pass includes everything the Premium Subscription offers, but also allows you to learn four other languages: Spanish, French, Italian, and English. This is a great option for those who want to be able to speak more than just one foreign language!

So, if you are really wanting to learn Chinese, but don’t want to sit in a boring university classroom or pack up your bags and move to China, ChinesePod seems like a great alternative. It’s a very user-friendly and convenient way to learn a foreign language. Check it out for yourself today!