Less Than Half of New Jersey Students Graduate in Four Years

Graduation prospects are glum for New Jersey college students. Less than half will graduate with a bachelor’s degree in four years.
A Star-Ledger summary of graduation statistics from campuses around the state found that four-year graduation rates varied from 6 percent at New Jersey City University to 90 percent at Princeton University. Data was gathered from the federal Department of Education’s latest statics, which were compiled in 2008.
“This is not the best we can do,” said Kean University President, Dawood Farahi. “We need to shift the paradigm. We need to focus on the student outcomes and the graduation of the students.”

Kean’s four-year graduation rate was a mere 16 percent in 2008.
College officials say that these statistics may be misleading because they do not keep track of students who transfer to other schools.
Students may list other reasons for the low rates. Class-scheduling conflicts and having to work part-time jobs can make it hard for a students to graduate in four years. Others intentionally take less classes to ensure an easy semester.
This analysis is released at a time of media hype, due in part to President Obama’s plan for better graduation rates. He wants the country to take the lead in college graduates by 2020.
So, what do you think? Are college students too lazy, too busy or just too unsure of their major to graduate on time?
Via The Star-Ledger
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