Let the Madness Begin! The NCAA Tournament is Here Again

It’s mid-March, and I’m not sure what’s more mad: the NCAA Tournament itself or all the drama it causes year after year. For an annual event, it sure knows how to create controversy. Everything from complaints about the team rankings to the supposed difficulty of the region is called into question and discussed at great length.

If you’re in to that sort of thing, you’re in luck because the NCAA Tournament, better known as March Madness officially starts today.

Half of the 64 teams in tournament will play today, and the rest will play tomorrow. That comes to 32 basketball games in two days. If you’re a college sports fan, this weekend was tailor-made for you. The games start back-to-back, and soon we’ll all know who stays in the tournament, and whose basketball season is over.
Whether you’re a die-hard college basketball fan, a bandwagon fan, or a proud student/alumnus of one of the schools represented (Go Shockers!), you’re sure to find something to cheer for as the tournament progresses.
Here’s your pool of 64 teams:
South Region
1. Florida v. 16. Albany
8. Colorado v. 9. Pittsburgh
5. VCU v. 12. Stephen F. Austin
4. UCLU v. 13. Tulsa
6. Ohio State v. 11. Dayton
3. Syracuse v. Western Michigan
7. New Mexico v. 10. Stanford
2. Kansas v. 15. Eastern Kentucky
West Region
1. Arizona v. 16. Weber St.
8. Gonzaga v. 9. Oklahoma State
5. Oklahoma v. 12. N. Dakota State
4. San Diego St. v. 13. New Mexico St.
6. Baylor v. 11. Nebraska
3. Creighton v. 14. La. Lafayette
7. Oregon v. 10. BYU
2. Wisconsin v. 15. American
East Region
1. Virginia v. 16. Coastal Carolina
8. Memphis v. 9. George Washington
5. Cincinnati v. 12. Harvard
6. UNC v. 11. Providence
3. Iowa v. 14. N.C. Central
7. UConn v. 10. St. Joseph’s
2. Villanova v. 15. Milwaukee
Midwest Region
1. Wichita State v. 16. Cal-Poly
8. Kentucky v. 9. Kansas State
5. Saint Louis v. 12. N.C. State
4. Louisville v. 13. Manhattan
6. UMass v. 11. Tennessee
3. Duke v. 14. Mercer
7. Texas v. 10. Arizona State
2. Michigan v. 15. Wofford
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