Majority of Schools May Miss No Child Left Behind Guidelines

U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan is expressing concern for America’s schools. As high as 82 percent of schools in the nation could fail to meet the goals set by the No Child Left Behind law. This percentage is 45 percent higher than the failing numbers of 2010.
Duncan is calling for Congress to examine the law put in place by the Bush administration to make sure students get the best possible education. Unfortunately, No Child Left Behind created numerous ways for schools to fail but very few ways for schools to succeed. Duncan believes that the current rules prevent states from tailoring the school curriculum because all states are required to use uniform standards. Duncan’s assessment and proposal to change the law have been met with some criticism that changing things would give underperforming schools a free pass.

Some other programs that Duncan has piloted have come under fire, like Race to the Top. This program links federal funds with academic achievements. Race to the Top has been criticized by at-risk schools because it does not consider need, only achievement. For the most part, Duncan’s concerns regarding No Child Left Behind have been heard and taken to heart. There is a definite need to put something in place that can better serve schools in America.
Via Seattle Medium