Make the Most Out of Your Dorm Space with

Figuring out how to fit your things, and all your roommates’ things into a tiny dorm room can be stressful. But there’s an online tool that can help you make the most of your space, and collaborate with your roomie: lets you find a 3-Dimensional model of your room, arrange the furniture, and add items that you’ll be bringing with you to see if it all fits. Then, you can shop for new items, from mini fridges to posters and electronics. All purchases will be shipped right to your dorm, so you avoid worrying about how all your gear will fit into your parents’ station wagon. It also helps you avoid bringing or buying duplicates of things your future roommate already has.
The site has the floor plans of over 140 Universities, from Alma College to Wayne State University. But if your college isn’t featured, you can pick one of their standard rooms. You can drop a hint to your parents that has pre-packaged care packages.
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