March Madness Sweet 16 Tips Off Tonight

March Madness is really heating up, and 16 teams have made it to the point when the cream starts to rise. The screeches from the hardwood will be pulling at the hearts of college basketball fans across the country tonight as these teams start facing off to move on to the Elite Eight.
Grab your snacks, throw on a team jersey and tune in to watch four teams rise and four teams fall. The 2009 Sweet 16 Schedule is as follows:
Thursday, March 26
West Region:

  • (5) Purdue vs. (1) U Conn @ 7:07pm EST
  • (3) Missouri vs. (2) Memphis @ 9:37pm EST

East Region

  • (4) Xavier vs. (1) Pittsburgh @ 7:27pm EST
  • (3) Villanova vs. (2) Duke @ 9:57pm EST

Friday, March 27
Midwest Region

  • (12) Arizona vs. (1) Louisville @ 7:07pm EST
  • (3) Kansas vs. (2) Michigan @ 9:37pm EST

South Region

  • (3) Syracuse vs. (2) Oklahoma @ 7:27pm EST
  • (4) Gonzaga vs. (1) North Carolina @ 9:57pm EST

Interesting to think there’s a possibility that three Big XII teams could move on to the next round. May the best teams win!