Marcus Mariota Educational Background: Where did Mariota go to school?

After his 2014 Heisman Victory
Marcus Mariota is an American football player and a current quarterback for the Tennessee Titans. This Hawaiian-born native shot to stardom after leading the University of Oregon to a PAC-12 championship title in 2014 and securing that year’s Heisman trophy. He’s known as the best player in the Oregon Ducks history and credited with 136 individual touchdowns. Mariota considers himself very religious and credits his faith with his success in life, football, and schooling. Before he was in the NFL, Marcus played football for his alma mater, worked on his golf swing, and learned just how far the body could stretch through frequent yoga sessions. Long before he ever donned a football uniform, however, Mariota was just a kid growing up on The Friendly Isle
Parents Toa and Alana Mariota welcomed their first child, Marcus, on October 30th of 1993. A few years later, the Mariota welcomed little brother Matthew to their family of three. Oddly enough, until high school, Marcus was banned from playing football. Only after his mother saw his deep passion for the sport, she convinced his father to let him join a tackle football team. Their support for their son’s football career later grew strong enough that his parents decided to sell their house to pay for some world-class football camps. However, Marcus does not seem to have let his sports detract from his education. His primary school was completed at the Roman Catholic-centric Saint Louis School for boys. It’s thought that his time there helped instill Marcus with the religious faith he leans on so heavily When he graduated from Saint Louis, he applied to the University of Oregon.
The University of Oregon is a public flagship research-focused university tucked into the scenic Willamette Valley. Students at this school commonly major in business, general studies, and psychology. Notable UO alumni include Ty Burrell, Phil Knight, and Ann Curry. Marcus Mariota while offered a chance to join the NFL in 2014, went on to graduate from Oregon University with a degree in general science with a focus in human physiology. Witnesses documented a lot of late nights in the library for the high-ranking sportsman during his senior year. In addition to earning a 3.22 GPA, this football star managed to garner enough credits to be an eligible candidate for medical school. For this footballer, it seems that education sometimes came before the Friday night lights.