Marie Osmond's Educational Background: More Than Just the Nutrisystem Lady

Marie Osmond's Educational Background: More Than Just the Nutrisystem Lady


Olive Marie Osmond is a true quadruple threat. She not only sings but also dances, designs dolls, and acts. Though well-known for being part of the Osmond family, she chose to blaze her own trail as a solo country artist. During this time, she became particularly well-known for her cover of “Paper Roses.” The Baby Boomers among you might also remember her as one half of the famous variety show Donny & Marie. In 2013, she became the face of one of America’s most popular diet programs: Nutrisystem. But, did she ever find the time to get an education?

Personal Life:

Marie Osmond was born on October 13, 1959. The only girl amongst the family’s nine children, her upbringing was not all sugar and spice. The Osmonds were a showbiz family, after all, and the show must go on. It didn’t take long before the family’s little princess joined her older brothers in the spotlight All that script memorizing and voice training left little time for a normal childhood. Despite her fame, Marie remained devout to her Mormon faith throughout her childhood and early adulthood. As her belief system prohibited things like tea, coffee, and premarital sex, her lyrics were notoriously squeaky clean. This lack of edge likely contributed to her declining music career.


Her personal life, however, was pretty tumultuous. She has been married three times to two different men. First, and third, to actor Stephen Craig. The pair would stay together until their first divorce in 1985. Less than a year later, Osmond would tie the knot with Brian Blosil. This actress and businesswoman has had to deal with weight-related issues, postpartum depression, and a child’s suicide. Due in part to these struggles, she has undertaken her fair share of charity work. She’s best known for being one of the co-founders of the Children’s Miracle Network.


Her typical 18-hour work day made it hard for Marie Osmond to attend a normal high school. Instead, she squeezed in some high-school-level tutoring in between her dancing, singing, and acting lessons. This left her with the equivalent of a high school diploma. As of the publication of this post, she has not yet pursued any other form of education.