Mary J. Blige to Attend Howard University for Class of 2014

The R&B singer Mary J. Blige might be making a guest appearance at Howard University, but not to perform for a homecoming concert, but to actually attend classes.
Blige made the announcement on ABC’s Good Morning America on June 30, 2010 that she is planning to enroll in Howard’s class of 2014, to receive a bachelor’s degree.
Reports have been released that the university has accepted her admissions application.
A high school drop out, Blige allegedly left school during her junior year, according to published reports, but the six time Grammy-winning artist has apparently received her GED.
“The city of New York gave me my high school diploma … and now Howard University has accepted me,” said Blige.
Now the only question that remains is: what will the seven multi-platinum record producing superstar major in?
Any guesses?
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