Mathomatix iPhone App Introduces Kids to Measurement Concepts

Another app in the Mathomatix series from Emantras, Measurement teaches kids about the basics of weight, time, volume and length. Like other Mathomatix apps for kindergartners and young kids, such as Number Sense and Alzebra, Measurement features five animated games that teach basic principles of math.
Measurement, as you can guess, focuses on principles of measuring. The “Crazy Clock” game teaches the basics of telling the time. “Scale Tale” asks kids to pick the heavier or lighter of two everyday objects. “Fill Me Up” teaches a lesson in volume, while “Long & Short” asks the player about the length of objects. Finally, there’s “Action Month,” a puzzle game that prompts the player to assemble the letter of the month.
These games for preschoolers and kindergartners are simple and intuitive to play. Most of the games include written instructions in addition to verbal ones, to encourage pre-readers.

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