May 1 is D-Day for College-Bound Seniors

You don’t need any more pressure, right? Well kids, the clock is ticking. May 1 is Decision Day for high school seniors to notify the college they’ve chosen to attend. For some it can be a complicated choice, having received several acceptance letters. For others, checking the box might be one of the simplest choices they’ve ever made. But they have to make it. Today!
For parents of these indecisive college-bound students, be supportive. You might have a personal bias toward or against one college or university, but the choice should ultimately lie in their hands. This is where they will prepare themselves for the real world and really test and learn who they are as a person. They’ll no doubt thrive if it’s a place they love.
“When choosing a kindergarten or grade school, parents should make the pick. At junior high or high school level, it should be a joint student-parent decision. When it comes to college, it should be the students’ choice,” advises Al Neuharth, founder of USA Today, in an article for StatesmanJournal.
This is no small event today. Of the 3.33 million high school seniors expected to graduate in May and June, 3 million of those are bound for one of the more than 4,300 college and university campuses in the U.S.
Hopefully by now you’ve done your homework, and the decision you make today will be remembered as one of the best you ever made.