Meet Elgin: Noise Cancelling AirPods Alternative for Construction

Noisy job sites demand specific noise solutions.

Elgin, a trade focused earbud manufacturer, may have perfected the job site audio experience with it's patented Ruckus Discord bluetooth earplug/earbuds product.

Here's what makes the Ruckus Discord earbuds the best option in town for on-the-job audio:

Earbuds for Construction

Whether its a podcast, audiobook, or phone call with the foreman, the Ruckus Discord earbuds finally provide clear in-ear audio when it comes to hearing just "talking" on a noisy job site.

The magic comes from the fact that bluetooth earbuds themselves double as earplugs--meaning that even in the loudest of environments you can still hear a podcast conversation as clear as a bell.

The build in mic also holds up great in noisy environments--giving you both your hands back while you take a call on the job.

Massive Bluetooth Range (50 feet!)

These earbuds let you truly detach from your phone. Sound will stay crystal clear up to 50 feet away from your connected device.

Waterproof Earbuds

The Elgin earbuds are also weatherproof, boasting a IP65 enclosure rating.

This means that even if the job gets rained out, whatever you're listening to won't!

OSHA Compliant Earbuds

The line between protection and pleasure has been erased by this product because your earbuds now double as your earplugs.

Elgin earbuds have earned an EPA Noise Reduction Rating of 25 decibels and they are recognized by OSHA to meet the ANSI standards for the workplace.

Comes With Durable Earbud Case

Elgin's durable bluetooth headphones come with an equally durable carrying case that's tough enough to last a lifetime but still small enough to fit comfortably in your pocket.

Noise Cancelling Earbuds

In addition to being OSHA compliant, the noise reduction capabilities of Elgin's bluetooth earbuds also mean that you will be able to able to hear calls, music, or podcasts clearly no matter what's going on around you.

We found that they are especially good at muting steady, persistent background noise, making them perfect for heavy equipment operators and others who work closely with the steady hum of machine all day.

Bluetooth Headset for Construction

We've already touched on this but it bares repeating:

In addition to making music and podcasts more enjoyable, Elgin's bluetooth earbuds also make a perfect headset for construction, letting the user answer calls and control volume without ever taking their phone out of their pocket.

Durable AirPods Alternative

Everyone wants AirPods these days, but no one wants to risk breaking them on a job site. The Ruckus Discord earbuds at last let you untether from your phone without having to worry about breaking fragile electronics on the job.


Elgin puts their money where their mouth is when it comes to durability, providing a free 1 Year Warranty on their earbuds.

Up to 14 Hour Battery Life

You need earbuds that work as hard as you do. Elgin's bluetooth earbuds are ready to put in just as long of a day as you are (and they fully recharge

Welders, Iron Workers, HVAC Techs, Plumbers, Mechanics, and more

Elgin boasts reviews from countless tradespeople who have found freedom in a cordless audio experience that also .protects their hearing