Michael Flynn United States Army Lieutenant General and University of Rhode Island Graduate

Michael Flynn is a retired United States Army Lieutenant General. He served in the army from 1981 to 2014 and then went on to become a National Security Advisor to President Donald Trump in 2017. He also served as the eighteenth director of the Defense Intelligence Agency under President Barack Obama from 2012 to 2014. During his career, he played a key role in shaping a counterterrorism strategy for the U.S. and dismantling insurgent networks in Afghanistan and Iraq.
In 2017, Flynn was accused of lying to the FBI about contacts he had with the Russian government during Trump’s presidential transition. He pleaded guilty and resigned from his position in the Trump administration shortly thereafter.
Personal Life
Flynn was born in Middletown, Rhode Island in December of 1958. He was one of nine children growing up in an Irish Catholic family. He was active in sports and had a mother who stressed the importance of education.
Later in life, Flynn would marry his high school sweetheart Lori Andrade. They have two adult sons together, Michael Flynn Jr and Matt Flynn.
Flynn attended Middletown High School where he excelled in football. He led the school’s team to a Division B state championship in 1976.
Flynn then went on to attend the University of Rhode Island. He joined the ROTC program there and earned a degree in management science in 1981. He also acquired graduate degrees in telecommunications, military arts and sciences and national security and strategic studies as well as an Honorary Doctorate of Law for The Institute of World Politics in Washington, D.C.