Michelle Obama to Celebrate Sesame Street's 40th Anniversary

Tuesday, November 10 the newest season of Sesame Street will premiere, with an anxious audience of pre-school aged children ready to sing, dance and learn.
What makes this premiere so special is that it marks the 40th anniversary of this iconic children’s show.
To really give this milestone the attention it deserves, first lady Michelle Obama will make a guest appearance, sharing her love of vegetables with the neighborhood.
It’s a fitting segment, as she introduced the first White House vegetable garden since Eleanor Roosevelt. In the segment, she’s going to show four children how planting seeds in the ground will yield fresh, healthy produce like tomatoes, lettuce and carrots. Just last week it was announced that Michelle Obama is adding childhood obesity to her issues of interest, and there’s no better way to help curb that than by introducing the value of fresh vegetables to young eaters.
The first lady will be competing for air space alongside the featured letter “H” and counting to 40 by 10s.
There are so many reasons this anniversary is special. For what is probably the first time in television history, it’s entirely possible that today’s young audience is watching the same TV characters as their parents and their grandparents. There’s no educational generation gap for learning ABCs and 123s, or falling in love with Big Bird and Elmo!
In fact, Michelle Obama fits that scenario, as she was a five-year-old when the Muppets made their 1969 debut. Years later, her own daughters, Sasha and Malia, would watch Sesame Street as well.
The first lady calls her Sesame Street appearance “probably the best thing I’ve done at the White House.”