Mike Morelli Joins

We are pleased to announce a new addition to our writing team at
Most of you know Mike Morelli as the runner-up on Biggest Loser 7, losing more than 200 pounds. Many are about to know Mike as another college freshman, as he embarks on his collegiate journey at Michigan State University this fall.
Mike is an excellent student and will no doubt impress and excel as a Spartan. He will no doubt use some of the new discipline and goal-setting skills learned at the Biggest Loser ranch to keep him on track on campus, as he studies athletic training.
As Mike shares his insights, advice and personal experience with weight loss and maintenance at, he’ll share what he learns as a college freshman here at While there will be tips and advice about life as a student, he’ll also share how it is entirely possible to live a healthy, active life on campus.
Join is welcoming Mike Morelli to!