Mike Pence College and Educational Background

A lifelong politician, Mike Pence served as a six-term US congressman and now operates as the governor of Indiana. In 2016, due to his strong connection with typical conservatives, Mike Pence won the republican nomination for Vice President. When not involved in running for state office, he works as a conservative talk show host and a fully-certified lawyer. In his time as governor, he achieved the largest tax cut in Indiana history, expanded school of choice, and invested heavily in new road construction. Of course, as we all know, Pence did not jump out of the womb and into the primaries. Before he was a politician, Mike was just one of six children born to Nancy and Edward Pence.
Born on June 7th of 1959, Mike Pence entered a family headed by a gas station mogul and guided by the teachings of Catholicism. Growing up, he loved The Wizard of Oz and Superman; the only thing he loved more, aside from his holy bible, happened to be Ronald Reagan. When considered in conjunction with his volunteer work with the Bartholomew Country Democratic Party, politics were never more than a stone’s throw away from Mike Pence’s mind. After graduating Columbus North High School in 1977, he moved to pursue an undergraduate degree in history at Hanover College. His education did not end there. In 1983, Pence moved to Indianapolis to pursue his J.D. Moving to Indianapolis to pursue his J.D., Pence enrolled in the McKinney School of Law. He graduated in 1986.

As a politician, Pence supports a wide variety of education-based initiatives. Included among these are a consistent push to improve the lot of teachers, a set of proposed laws improving technical education, and the co-sponsoring of an amendment guarantee a parent’s right to education.