Mitt Romney Speaks Against Teachers Unions

Members of teachers unions across the nation will probably not be voting for Mitt Romney if it comes down to him and President Obama in November. Romney recently announced plans to push back against these unions if he is elected president later this year.
“But the role I see that ought to remain in the president’s agenda with regards to education is to push back against the federal teachers unions,” Romney said. “Those federal teachers unions have too much power, in some cases, they overwhelm the states, they overwhelm the local school districts. We have got to put the kids first and put these teachers unions behind.”
Romney also hinted at his plan to combine the Department of Education with other governmental agencies.
It might seem that Romney’s plan is a strong contrast to Obama’s policies concerning education, all of which have aimed to improve the quality of education that students in the U.S. receive. However, he doesn’t seem to think so.
“I support the principle of having states test their kids,” Romney said. “I did not support No Child Left Behind and do support continuing to test our kids. I want to know which school districts are succeeding and which ones are failing and where they are failing. I want there to be action taken to get the teacher unions out and to get the kids once again receiving the education they need.”
“We should pay our beginning teachers more,” he continued. “The national unions are too interested in benefits for the older teachers.”
From this quote, it seems to me that Romney might be onto something. He is saying that it is more important to spend national funds on improving the quality of education that the students receive, instead of simply granting higher paychecks and job security to teachers who might not deserve it.
Via The Huffington Post