Most Expensive Colleges for the 2010-2011 School Year

The Most Expensive College in America: Sarah Lawrence
College is expensive and, thus, a luxury, but despite tuition rates on the rise across America and an economic recession, many universities are still meeting and exceeding enrollment goals. Some speculate that the steady enrollment is because people chose to go back to school, or stay in school, if they can’t find a job.
But how much are you willing to invest in your future?
Since 2000, public university’s tuition rates increased, on average, at a rate of 46.5% and private non-profit schools averaged an increase of 30.8%.
Now, 10 years later, here is a list of the 25 most expensive colleges in America, based on the yearly cost of tuition, plus room and board if you live on campus:
1. Sarah Lawrence College $56,420
2. New York University $53,589
3. Wesleyan University $53,406
4. Harvey Mudd College $53,331
5. Bates College $53,300
6. Johns Hopkins University $53,190
7. Connecticut College $53,110
8. Claremont McKenna College $52,995
9. The George Washington University $52,980
10. Scripps College $52,686
11. Bard College $52,650
12. Vassar College $52,640
13. Bard College at Simon’s Rock $52,610
14. Haverford College $52,606
15. Georgetown University $52,526
16. Bowdoin College $52,465
17. Eugene Lang College $52,440
18. Duke University $52,405
19. University of Chicago $52,341
20. Union College in New York $52,329
21. Carnegie Mellon University $52,250
22. Oberlin College $52,244
23. Fordham University at Lincoln Center $52,159
24. Middlebury College $52,120
25. Cornell University $52,100
For those of you who may have your hearts set on one of these schools, but might require a little financial aid, be sure to check out the EDU scholarships directory!