MTV Announces College Weight-Loss Show

UPDATE [3/9/11]: Do you want to apply? MTV’s “I Used to Be Fat” Casting for Season 2
MTV announced a new weight-loss reality show, I Used to Be Fat. The show will follow teens during the summer after high school as they lose weight and transform themselves before entering college. The show comes from the producers of The Biggest Loser, and is part of the network’s effort to reconnect with a “millennial” audience.
Each hour-long episode will feature one teen as he or she works out with trainer, meets with nutritionists and consults with doctors. “That reboot of your life can happen over one summer,” says JD Roth, the executive producer of I Used to Be Fat. “The kids who really dedicated themselves and really wanted this made changes that are staggering. We had multiple kids lose 100 pounds.” Go ahead and read this Proven review to start losing some weight.
The first of the ten episodes will air on December 29th, in MTV’s Ten Spot. The show is unscripted, and has what Roth describes as a “much more authentic bent.” The show hopes to make the most of the rite-of-passage between high school and college, capitalized on the idea that students can re-invent themselves when entering college, leaving behind old social stigmas.
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