MTV's If You Really Knew Me Breaks Down High School's Social Barriers

MTV is such an interesting television channel. This channel has brought us popular hits such as “The Jersey Shore,” “Teen Mom,” and “16 and Pregnant.” If you know anything about these shows, you might think they are all going for the shock factor and are not exactly what I’d call classy or uplifting programs. It’s OK, though, MTV is not ABC Family and can show these types of programs. I just usually choose to steer clearit when I am channel surfing.
However, things appear to be changing over on the ‘ole MTV. A new program premieres on July 20 at 11:00pm EST called “If You Really Knew Me.” This show gives students a chance to break down social barriers in their high school and really get to know their classmates.
“If You Really Knew Me” features a different school during each episode and works by bringing students together through “Challenge Days”. “Challenge Days” are those when the entire school comes together and classmates are encouraged to really open up to each other and face difficult decisions and realities about bullying, prejudice, cliques, racism, and sexism.
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This show seems like a great opportunity for students who would never talk to each other – geeks, jocks, preps, Goths, nerds, etc. – to interact with each other and really get to know each other as people, not as stereotypes. I think this is a great idea and could really help students break down social barriers that cripple the high schoole experience. Watch the trailer here and decide if you plan on catching a few episodes with me this summer.
“If You Really Knew Me: When people stop talking about each other and start listening to each other, the impossible becomes possible.”

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