NBC's New Televison Show School Pride Restores America

UPDATE 10/14/10: Our Interview with Cheryl Hines and Denise Cramsey, the show’s executive producers.
When you think of school pride, most students envision marching bands in sharp uniforms, homecoming court posters, school mascot sports decals on their parents’ cars and lots of school spirit pom poms. But for some schools across America, their Friday night lights are non-existent; turned off because the school can’t afford their electric bill, let alone the tens of thousands of dollars it costs to boast a prominent sports team.
In fact, many schools across the country can’t afford library books, pencils, or lockers to even put into a locker room.
Recognizing this problem, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Executive Producer Denise Cramsey and Curb Your Enthusiasm Executive Producer Cheryl Hines have enlisted NBC and Horizon Alternative Television to create School Pride, a new television series about restoring public schools with the help of community volunteers.
Spanning from Compton, California to Nashville, Tennessee, NBC follows principals, teachers, parents and students as they not only physically restore their school buildings, but their sense of pride and self worth.
School Pride is sure to be an emotional series about the faith and hope of communities in America and the importance of having not only the means necessary to succeed, but the heart and belief in the American dream.
School Pride premieres on NBC Friday, October 15, 2010 at 8pm est.