NBC's School Pride Renovates Kingston Springs Elementary in Tennessee

NBC continues to travel around the country renovating America’s schools on their hit show School Pride. This week, the team headed to Tennessee to save Kingston Springs Elementary.
Comparable to previous episodes, Former Miss USA and Designer Susie Castillo, Comedian Kim Whitley, Political Journalist Jacob Soboroff and Team Leader and Voice Over Host Tom Stroup, come together to spearhead the restoration project of the school.
Renovated from July 22-July 28, 2010, the Kindergarten through 4th grade public elementary school closed in early May of this year due to flood water damage. The damage was that of a natural disaster, so the NBC team had to call in environmental specialists to clean up the property and school building first.
In this episode, helping out with the seven day restoration were community volunteers and students, faculty and staff of Kingston Springs. Even though the town was also partially destroyed from the flood, help kept pouring in to fix the school.
Heartbreak in this episode came from the children and teachers. The students wanted to learn and were upset that they couldn’t. Some teachers were so upset that they couldn’t bear to physically go into the school to help. After putting their whole lives into their classrooms, to lose everything was devastating and they were still traumatized.
At Kingston Springs, home of the Cardinals, there was nothing left after the flood- not a single supply- and there was severe foundation and superficial damage. Every library book, every ball, textbook, printer, and crayon was lost at the school.
The School Pride team and volunteers renovated the 25 classrooms, cafeteria, gymnasium, library, computer lab, and essentially the entire property.
Once again, in true NBC fashion, there was product placement, but minimal and barely noticeable. Microsoft, Crayola, Gilden, Oxford University Press, Wal-Mart, On Star, Armstrong and Home Depot all appeared to have sponsored this project.
Home Depot even gave the Kingston teachers volunteering with the project who lost their homes and classrooms $5,000.00 gift cards to use towards restoring their homes.
Recognizing the students’ and teachers’ dedication and hard work, the School Pride team rewarded them all with a trip to Nashville Shores Water Park for a day.
The episode closed with Lady Antebellum, the popular country music band, giving the school a free concert in their new auditorium.