New College Scorecard Available Following State of the Union Announcement

  • During last night’s State of the Union address, President Obama referenced the new college scorecard, promising to help parents “get the most bang for your educational buck.”
  • Today the interactive scorecard was released to provide students and families an interactive tool that will help them pick their best school option.
  • According to, the tool allows for users to evaluate schools based on individual needs such as location, size, campus setting, and degree and major programs.
  • Each scorecard will include five elements about each college: costs, graduation rates, loan default rates, average amount borrowed, and employment.
  • Earning potential will be added to the scorecard this coming year.
  • President Obama said last night, ”Through tax credits, grants and better loans, we’ve made college more affordable for millions of students and families over the last few years. But taxpayers can’t keep on subsidizing higher and higher and higher costs for higher education. Colleges must do their part to keep costs down, and it’s our job to make sure that they do.”
College scorecard!!! Can’t wait!
— New America Ed (@NewAmericaEd) February 13, 2013

The College Scorecard is up. Nothing really new here. Just info on costs, graduation and loan default rates — Corinne Weisgerber (@corinnew) February 13, 2013

According to new CollegeScoreCard: #ubuffalo costs $12838/yr net price for undergraduates. Ranked as “low”. #suny
— Jillian Reading (@jillianreading) February 13, 2013

President announces “College Scorecard.” Compare schools to see where you can get the most bang for your education buck. #SOTU — US Dept of Education (@usedgov) February 13, 2013

Obama’s College Scorecard determines the best value of your school AKA it tells you if your school is worth going to.
— Stephen A. Green (@encouraging1) February 13, 2013

Thrilled about the college scorecard! Students should be able to select college based on job placement statistics. #nobrainer #sotu — Matthew Segal (@OurTimeMatthew) February 13, 2013