New Fitness App Helps Students Stay in Shape

When I was a freshman in college, I didn’t need an app to help me find the most fattening foods on my college campus. But nowadays, there’s even an app for that and created by Garmin. Lately though, Garmin is trying to change their image, so they created a new app called Fit App that will help you loose the original freshman fifteen that you gained by using their original app to find the best cheese fries in the city.
The Fit App is now available for Android and iPhone. For only $0.99, the new app, which works a lot like Nike+, will help you measure your workouts in terms of distance, time, calories, and speed of your exercise. This is perfect for college students because it means you do not have to pay attention to your workout. Instead, you can focus on the homework assignment that you brought to the gym with you, right?
In addition to tracking your workouts, the Fit App will allow you to share your workout results with others via a social media platform that connects all Fit App users. This is also convenient for college students because you could use it to plan a group workout session with your friends, even if you can not all go to the gym together at the same time due to conflicting class schedules.
Finally, Garmin plans to launch a more advanced app for iPhones called the ANT + adapter. This additional app will allow users to connect to another sensor, such as a footpad, to monitor their heart rate. The ANT + adapter will cost $49.99, but if you are a college kid on a budget, this is much less expensive than an annual membership to a gym.
Get the Garmin Fit App Here!
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