New York's Equity Project Revolutionizing Education

The New York school system is going to experiment within the education system. Now, when I say experiment, I don’t mean testing on the students, but rather they are testing the age-old question of teacher quality versus small class sizes and cutting age technologies.
A school in NYC, which has been dubbed the Equity Project, is being comprised of eight super-star teachers. This eight person educational force will consist of teachers that truly excel at inspiring their students. When interviewing possible teachers, the creators of the school looked for teachers that were able to get the students excited about their schoolwork.
Another thing were mentioning is their recruiting technique. When looking to hire the best teachers for the school, the recruiters flew to watch each of the final 35 candidates in their own element. If they were included in the eight chosen to work at the Equity Project, they were offered an unheard of sum in the education field. Each teacher will be paid $120,000 a year.
The justification of this high price is simple; they want to know if teachers truly are the x-factor in education. If this school is successful in teaching its first class at an elevated level, this might revolutionize the education field. Who knows, if teachers are finally excited about teaching students, maybe the students will mirror the enthusiasm. I am happy to hear education is being taken seriously with an experiment as important as this one.