Nick Jonas Graduates with the Class of 2009

He’s probably the most beloved member of the class of 2009. And rather than celebrate with the toss of a cap, he tweeted.
“I’m happy to announce I have graduated! Class of ’09! Congrats to everyone else who has also graduated this year! -Mr. President (Nick).”
Nick might also be one of the youngest members of this year’s graduating class. He’s just 16, also making him the youngest member of his band, the Jonas Brothers, in which he sings alongside older brothers Kevin and Joe.
Nick is the third Jonas to graduate from home school. This was necessary for all three of the Jonas Brothers as their stardom and demanding schedules increased.
The other Jonas Brothers recalled their equally unconventional graduation celebrations.
“When I graduated from high school, actually … I was a home schooler,” said Joe Jonas “But we have someone who’s like a principal of the home-schooling school, so she flew out and they all surprised me by giving me like one of those cap and hats … cap and gown, whatever, mine was a cape! I cut it up so that it looked like a cape.”
“The family got together [had angel food cake], did the cap-and-gown thing. We were all home-schooled,”said Kevin Jonas.
via MTV