Nick Lachey Writes Song For College Basketball

Nick Lachey doesn’t just like basketball, he loves basketball. In fact, he loves it so much that he showed his endearment by writing a song.
“This is pretty much the dream scenario for me,” Lachey said. “Those are kind of my two passions, sports and music. So to be able to be able to combine them in one project is pretty cool.”
The former 98 Degrees member and reality-show star wrote and performed “Last One Standing.” The song is to be played at the Big East Conference on Saturday night during ESPN’s broadcast of the 2011 men’s basketball championship. The conference anthem is to be played during select conference programming.

“As a Cincinnati native, I have had a passion for college athletics and the University of Cincinnati,” stated Lachey in a release. “I have grown a strong affinity to the Big East since it joined the conference, and think that this song represents the true test that these inspiring student-athletes face by competing in this league.”
“Last One Standing” will be played exclusively at the conference championship. Fans attending the game at Madison Square Garden will be able to watch a video montage produced by Garden Vision after the on-court awards ceremony.
Sports commissioner John Marinatto said that the song truly substantiates what it means to be the last one standing in college sports.
“Each of our 5,500-plus student-athletes at our 16 member institutions embody the message of this song each time they take the court or field,” Commissioner John Marinatto said. “It is so appropriate for us to release this song while at the 2011 Big East Men’s Basketball Championship. With the potential for 11 conference teams to be selected for the NCAA Tournament this year, the last team standing will have survived the most difficult conference tournament in the country.”
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